Mission Statement: "Colbert's Taekwondo Academy is built on the solid principles of its tenets: Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, Indomitable Spirit.  Students are empowered with the necessary tools to attain individual skills and personal development."  

NOTE:  Additionally, classes for pre-school age kids, juniors, teenagers and adults are taught four days per week.  Students learn real self-defense, confidence and self-discipline in all areas of life. "Women self-defense seminars" are taught monthly to empower women and teen-age girls with self-defense and personal protection skills and knowledge to balance successful life-skills.  Learn how not to become a victim of domestic violence or rape! Please call for a free week of classes or stop by my academy for more information, including a personal tour of the facility.  Additionally, a 3000 sq. ft. space is available for event rental, i.e., family reunions, kids and adult parties, baby showers, etc.  We are "Simply The Best"



Lots of fun and safe, friendly competitive spirit that the entire family can appreciate. Especially moms!



This skill begins with learning physical technique.  The repetition of technique leads to individual discovery of one's inner talents and personal accomplishments.


Quality time with your kids is precious and you can never get it back. Can you think of a better way for a dad to spend time with his girls?



Develops coordination, confidence and personal protection skills? "Girls just wanna have fun!"