Sixth degree master instructor and success coach with twenty-three years experience in the martial arts.  Retired Navy Master Chief with twenty-three years of arduous dedicated military service.

Earned a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration at Charleston Southern University at Charleston, S.C.  Earned a Master Degree in Psychology with a major study in "mental health" counseling at Troy State University. Specializes in childhood development and adolescent behavior.

His martial art career is dedicated to teaching real self-defense and discipline while improving personal development and physical fitness.  He mentors students to "simply be their best" and develop self-esteem and confidence and believe in themselves.

Now is the time to get physically fit and become the next future "black belt" at the best martial art academy in Northwest Florida and the surrounding Pensacola area.  Seeing is believing!    


                                                  "SIMPLY THE BEST!"

Quintin Dennis 1st Degree Sr. Certified Instructor

                     Cal Colbert

                        7th Degree Master

           Certified Instructor and Success Coach


Leah Daniels 4th Degree Sr. Certified Instructor