Spring National 2019 in Dallas, TX
March 8 / 9, 2019
Last day to register February 27th

Tournament competition

      One of the most exciting opportunities you will have at Colbert’s Taekwondo Academy is competing in both Regional and National tournaments.  While participation in tournament competition is never mandatory, we strongly encourage everyone to take part in it. Tournament competition is designed to be an important part of your overall martial arts training.  Tournaments inspire us to push ourselves harder and do our best to compete well.  This means that no matter the outcome of the competition, all participants will go home a winner! 

      Tournaments offer a division for every age and every rank, from the beginner (Little Ninja and White Belt) to the experienced Black Belt.  At rank testings, students are judged against an artistic standard to determine whether they are ready for the next level of training.  Whereas at tournaments, students are judged against one another in two separate competitions, i.e., forms and sparring.  Talk to one of our instructors for specific competition rules or to receive extra help preparing for the next upcoming regional or national tournament competition. Our Taekwondo United tournaments have been supportive in raising funds and donations for several local and national charity organizations..

Regional Tournament: 

May 12th in Orange Beach, AL  This is Mother's Day weekend.  There is no better way for mom to spend Mother's Day  weekend than to watch her precious child compete in friendly, sanctioned competition.

National Tournament: 

September 2018 Huntsville, AL.  Students and instructors from Taekwondo United academies around the country will compete in this tournament.  This is a great opportunity to test your skills against competitor from other parts of the country.